Camden Design wins 2015 Print Magazine Regional Design Competition!

Maine Developmenal Disabilities Council Poster Series

In 2014 we were approached by the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council. We were asked to create a campaign that would “raise expectations” and create a more positive and empowering image for those in the community with Developmental Disabilities. We chose to create a set of posters that would be displayed in High Schools across Maine.

Arresting portraits of 3 individuals with Developmental Disabilities were taken by Sean Alonzo Harris. The aim of the posters is to highlight what each individual CAN do, prompting the viewers to “See My Ability”. The project took place over a 1 year period.

Simple design and beautiful photography with a direct and clear message is a winning combination.

We are thrilled with the news that Camden Design has being selected as a winner in the 2015 Print Regional Design Annual, with our Raising Expectations Poster Series!