Branding for SKORDO, empowering the home cook

One of our favorite projects this year has been creating cohesive branding  for SKORDO, a shop to enable home cooks, of all experience levels, to create and enjoy good food with the ones they love.

SKORDO offers a way to bring you, the home cook, a curated collection of everything that makes food taste great from hand ground spices and natural flavorings to cook books and beautiful serving pieces.

We chose clean and elegant lines and colors to let the natural beauty of each ingredient shine through. The logo uses Ridley Grotesk a beautiful font by Radimir Tinkov. This is a Maine family business that is built on food and love. Check out their beautiful website and get the holiday shopping started:


New Logos for Maine’s Five Town Schools

Maine SAD 28 Logos by Camden Design

Camden Design worked with local illustrator and designer Amy Dietrich Design to create a new set of logos for our Five Towns Community School District and SAD 28. We met with Superintendent Maria Libby and looked at all of the logos for the different schools from Camden Rockport Elementary School to Camden Hills Regional High School. They were a very mixed up bunch. Amy created illustrations for each school which we simplified and worked into new logos that look like they are all part of the same “family”.  Then we created a set of stationary for Five Town Community School District and each school. The project was great fun and we continue to see how our logos are being used from bumper stickers to sweatshirts for the cross country team.

Cruising Club of America Annual Publication Design

Cruising Club of America SpreadDorade-MockUpWeb

CCA Voyages Antarctica

Camden Design have worked with the Cruising Club of America for the last 4 years on their annual publication CCA Voyages. We design and layout many of the features in their large publication. It is a delight to work on. It showcases each sailors stories and pictures from their voyages all over the watery world. Here are some examples of opening spreads for the articles that we have designed.

Striking Branding for Local Law Firm


We worked with attorneys Jesse Bifulco and Chris Hardy to create branding for their new partnership Hardy-Bifulco LLC. A local law firm in Camden, Maine that offers services from estate planning to elder law. The logo references the mill wheel for Camden’s history with the Knox Woolen Mill.

Food That Works Cookbook Is Out!

We designed this smashing new cookbook for Malia Dell and couldn’t be more proud of it. With forward by chef Melissa Kelly, this book is not only fun to read, but will change the way you eat and prepare meals for good!

Food That Works is a Monday-through-Friday survival cookbook, designed specifically for busy people who want to eat more meals prepared at home and fewer meals out. Each week, many of us go through the same routine of making shopping lists, going to the store, and planning what the hell to eat. Being tired and unprepared during the week, we end up settling for most of our meals out, only to watch all of our fresh food rot in the fridge… again. Why recreate the wheel? Buy this book and you will no longer dread going to the grocery store. All of the information you need for successful meal planning has been captured between these two covers.

Food That Works offers you five great weekly menus to choose from, all paired with shopping lists, prep instructions, and realistic recipes for the week. It teaches you to be a savvy shopper and encourages you to select the best quality ingredients by reading ingredients labels, moving you away from settling for processed and packaged foods.

A simple and elegant website for a small business

Camden Yoga

We recently finished a beautiful new website for Colleen Duggan, a local Yoga instructor. The site focuses on simplicity and clarity and allows Colleen to update her classes and new events on her own through simple back end editing.

Colleen Duggan is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher who has been studying yoga since the early 1990’s throughout Asia, Europe and U.S. She teaches locally at High Mountain Hall in Camden and on Islesboro, Maine.

If you are looking for a new website that shows off your brand with style contact us!

Camden Design wins 2015 Print Magazine Regional Design Competition!

Maine Developmenal Disabilities Council Poster Series

In 2014 we were approached by the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council. We were asked to create a campaign that would “raise expectations” and create a more positive and empowering image for those in the community with Developmental Disabilities. We chose to create a set of posters that would be displayed in High Schools across Maine.

Arresting portraits of 3 individuals with Developmental Disabilities were taken by Sean Alonzo Harris. The aim of the posters is to highlight what each individual CAN do, prompting the viewers to “See My Ability”. The project took place over a 1 year period.

Simple design and beautiful photography with a direct and clear message is a winning combination.

We are thrilled with the news that Camden Design has being selected as a winner in the 2015 Print Regional Design Annual, with our Raising Expectations Poster Series!

Poster Designs for The Wayne DeLano Jazz Quartet

Wayne Delano Posters

It was great fun to create a set of gig posters for The Wayne DeLano Jazz Quartet. Wayne has toured with Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson, Chaka Khan and Joe McBride. We are so lucky to have him in the area. Stay tuned for more info on this outstanding saxophonist. Photo of Wayne DeLano by Hillary.